The Training Trust is hopeful that the COVID19 pandemic and its attendant restrictions will ease in 2022. This is a provisional schedule, by quarter, of the classes the Training Trust is planning to present in support of the Local 15 Apprenticeship program. Hands-on training will be at various venues and on-line instruction will continue as well. This is not a complete list of 2022 course offerings. Sign up to receive our email newsletters and receive the latest information about upcoming classes.

1st Quarter 2022
Deckhand/Running a Show
Labor History
Robert’s Rules
Intro to Power Tools
Fall Protection
Weapons Safety
Basic Systems/FOH Playback

2nd Quarter 2022
Consumables and Surfaces
History of Local 15
Understanding Sound
Job Steward Training
Sewing and Repairing

3rd Quarter 2022
Knots & Hardware, Weightloading & Grid work
Electrical Safety
Deck and Flats
Lighting Instruments, Hang & Focus
First Aid/CPR
Pipe, Soft Goods, and Travelers

4th Quarter 2022
Pit Setup and Instrument Handling
Intro to Local 15
Reading Blueprints/Plots
Customer Service

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