The Training Trust’s goal is to support all of these courses in 2019.  Once a course is finalized it will be opened for registration and will appear in the website calendar. A quarter of the year (Q) is projected for some courses.
First Aid/CPR/AED 2Q Knots, Hardware, Weightloading & Gridwork 2Q
Rigging Trainings  2Q Intro to Props/Running a Show
Electrical Safety 1Q Microphones
Fall Restraint 1Q,2Q FCMS/Job Steward Training 3Q
Worker Rescue  3Q Basic Prop Building & Repair
FMCS & Steward Training 3Q Flyrail Class
A/V Essentials 4Q Pit Setup & Instrument Handling
Payroll Steward 1Q Wireless Microphones
Equipment Operation (boom & scissor lift, forklift) 2Q Weapons Safety
OSHA 10 3Q Picks & Pins
Scaffolding 2Q Handling and Joining Flats
Intro to Local 15 Basic Systems/FOH Playback
Labor History Pipe, Soft goods, Travelers
Beginning Building 1Q Consumables & Surfaces
Beginning Welding 1Q Deck & Filler
Followspots ClearCom
Local 15 History Sewing and Repairing
Understanding Sound Wig Making 2Q
Draping 1Q,2Q Tailoring 2Q
DiGiCo SD9 Board Training 1Q Draping the 1800 Bodice 1Q
DiGiCo SD9 Make up Class 2Q Beginning Draping 1Q
Updated on 3/4/19 Draping the 1950’s Bodice 2Q