Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and its attendant restrictions, the Training Trust has been limited to mounting on-line classes. Once restrictions on in-person have been lifted and our venue partners are able to host our hands-on training, the Training Trust will be looking to teach classes from the following list. A quarter of the year (Q) is projected for some classes.
  First Aid/CPR/AED   Knots & Hardware 1Q
  Rigging Trainings   Intro to Props/Running a Show  
  Electrical Safety   Microphones  
  Fall Restraint   FCMS/Job Steward Training  
  Worker Rescue   Basic Prop Building & Repair  
  FMCS & Steward Training   Flyrail Class  
  A/V Essentials   Pit Setup & Instrument Handling  
  Payroll Steward   Wireless Microphones  
  Equipment Operation (boom & scissor lift, forklift)   Weapons Safety  
  OSHA 10   Picks & Pins  
  Scaffolding   Handling and Joining Flats  
  Intro to Local 15 3Q Basic Systems/FOH Playback  
  Labor History 2Q Pipe, Soft goods, Travelers  
  Beginning Building   Consumables & Surfaces 2Q
  Beginning Welding   Deck & Filler  
  Followspots   ClearCom  
  Local 15 History 2Q Sewing and Repairing  
  Understanding Sound   Wig Making  
  Draping   Lighting Inst., Hang & Focus  
  Digital Sound Board   Customer Service 2Q
  Updated on 3/8/21      

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